"With PhoTab, we can quickly and accurately identify and print each child’s photo at the sales desk, reducing the amount of time processing each sale, shortening the amount of time customers spend waiting in line and allowing us to process up to twice as many families in a normal day. Using PhoTab we have been able to more than double our daily sales."

— Zdravko Galinec

Owner, The North Pole Photography Co. Ltd.

What makes Wi-Pics™ unique from other wireless options are its Data Association & Barcoding features.
Data Association is the ability to rename files with critical search data at the point of capture. Wi-Pics™ solves the problem of moving pictures from point A to point B, while adding the capability to quickly and easily search and retrieve pictures directly after they are captured, allowing for a faster workflow, reduced costs, increased sales and last but not least, a more profitable business.