A low cost, easy to use point-and-shoot solution for workflows that don’t require the complexity of a DSLR camera.

Wi-Pics Mobile for Android cell phones and tablets, the perfect solution for auction houses, car dealerships, inventory & medical applications and more!

Save Time – Increase Productivity!

Data Associate photos by renaming photos with Barcode and/or other critical search data, INSTANTLY.

Photos can be Data Associated and wirelessly transmitted to your server, laptop or printing station, or automatically sync’d to your DropBox account, as you shoot. No camera to computer hookups or memory card swapping required.

Increase productivity by improving the speed and accuracy of your photo retrieval.

Scan Part, Inventory or Stock Number.

Shoot as many pictures as needed of

the item being photographed.

Photos can be stamped with barcode

and/or other data.

Photos are renamed with barcode data, wirelessly

transmitted and viewable on your networked

computer or sync’d to your DropBox account in SECONDS!

When taking hundreds or even thousands of photos, you need to keep track of who or what is in each photo. In high volume workflows, associating people or products with their photos can be difficult and time consuming. Wi-Pics gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily search and retrieve photos directly after they are captured, saving time and increasing productivity.

Wi-Pics Mobile gives you the tools to;

Data Associate photos by renaming photos with barcode data INSTANTLY.

Automatically separate photos into folders based on barcode or other data.

Transmit photos quickly and securely via FTP or sync directly to your DropBox account.

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