Add the power of Wi-Pics Photab to your Canon or Nikon DSLR Camera

Save Time - Improve Workflow - Increase Revenue

Data Associate and rename your pictures with your Barcode data INSTANTLY, and/or enter data manually via the onscreen keyboard or automatically print unique barcoded and/or QR coded claim tags as you shoot! *

Pictures can be Data Associated and wirelessly transmitted to your server, laptop or printing station as you shoot.

Increase productivity by improving the speed and accuracy of your picture retrieval. Process more customers in less time, increasing revenue.

Features Include:

  • Data Associate and rename pictures with Barcode data INSTANTLY.
  • Automatically separate pictures into folders by Barcode or User data.
  • Automatically print unique barcoded receipts or claim tags for your pictures.**
  • Powerful file renaming and barcoding features provide for quick and accurate picture retrieval.
  • Automatically print QR codes for instant picture viewing on any smartphone. (Host the QR workflow on your own server or use ours for a small monthly fee)
  • Pictures transfer from camera to Android device via a high speed USB host connection.
  • Transmit pictures quickly and securely via FTP with a Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n connection, or transfer directly to a USB flash drive.
  • Can be used outside Wi-Fi signal range, pictures will automatically transmit once back in range of the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Highly visual picture tracking feature avoids errors associated with missing a scan between sessions.
  • For school photography workflows, Static Data feature allow photgraphers to include job specific information, such as school, photographer, camera number, etc. Static Data is included when the pictures are transmitted or transferred to USB flash drive.
  • Best Picture allows the photographer to quickly review a series of pictures and tag the Best Picture in that series

** Requires Bluetooth receipt printer.

To view additional videos on all of PhoTab's features Click Here!


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