Wi-Pics Mobile is designed to allow photographers to "Data Associate" there image files at point of capture. Image files can be renamed with barcode, as well as other data, automatically, as you shoot. In addition image files can be transmitted via FTP to a local server or printing station, or automatically sync'd to your DropBox account.

Wi-Pics Mobile software is designed to run on most Android phones and tablets (requires Android 4.4 or above).

Features Include:

  • Scan 1D or 2D barcodes and place that and other data directly into the picture filename, and/or stamp the data onto the picture, INSTANTLY, AS YOU SHOOT.
  • Automatically separate pictures into folders by Barcode or User data.
  • Advanced camera application with features similar to many DSLR cameras.
  • Option to preview and approve each picture.
  • The powerful file renaming functions provide for quick and ACCURATE picture retrieval.
  • Transmit pictures as you shoot via FTP with a Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n connection.
  • Can be used outside Wi-Fi signal range, pictures automatically transmit once back in range of Wi-fi signal.
  • Automatically sync pictures to your DropBox account (via Wi-Fi or Cellular).
  • Easily transfer software license to a new Android device. *
  • A simple, cost effective, easy to use solution.
* License must be deactivated on current device before transferring license.
Scan Part, Inventory or Stock Number. Shoot as many pictures as needed of the item being photographed.

Pictures are renamed with barcode data, wirelessly transmitted and viewable on your network computer in SECONDS.


Save Time - Increase Productivity!

Increase productivity and accuracy of your online listings.

Pictures of items photographed are immediately transferred to your server.

Pictures can be retrieved quickly and accurately on your computer network by just searching the Stock #, etc.

Automatically sync pictures to your DropBox account.

No camera to computer hook ups or memory card swapping required.

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