Looking for a way to tag your photos with barcode and/or other critical data?

Wi-Pics has the solution you are looking for!


What makes Wi-Pics unique from other wireless options is our Barcoding, Tagging and Data Association features. With Wi-Pics, you can quickly and easily tag and/or rename their photos with barcode and other critical search data. Add in Wi-Pics wireless functions and you now have the ability to transmit your Tagged/Data Associated photos to an editing or print station, automatically, while you continue to take photos!

Wi-Pics gives you the tools needed to quickly and easily search and retrieve photos directly after they are taken, allowing for a faster workflow, reduced costs, increased sales and a more profitable business.

Inventory, Auctions, Online Catalogs and More!

For Android Cell Phones & Tablets

School, Sports, Tourism, Event Photography and More!

For Canon & Nikon DSLR Cameras

Printing onsite at a corporate or prepaid event?

Print-On-Demand Onsite Print Utility