I don’t normally do this but wanted to drop you an email to say a massive thanks.

As you know I had a trial version of your software. I then bought a full license.

Last week was my first job using my new workflow. It was a full week of a dance school’s annual show. Now normally, to be honest, I tend to avoid dance schools. Logistically it’s a nightmare. This particular school has 220 kids, several different costume changes and they all wanted photographed in their different costumes not to mention photographs with friends/siblings. It was also my first time with the school. Their previous photographer literally appeared with sheets of A4 paper full of thumbnails and order forms so I needed to impress them. With Photab it’s exactly what I did .

198 Client IDs, over 1300 images photographed over 7 days all neatly stored inside their own folders. Uploaded and updated to my web site each night. Clients able to view all their images in one folder at my sales desk speeding up queues. They were impressed and raving about the system and my most successful “on the night” sales at any of my previous shows.

Put it this way I paid for the software, receipt printer, pod software and camera bracket by the end of the 1st of 6 shows.

I only scratched the surface of the software as well. It did exactly what I hoped it would do and have not even built the pod software into workflow yet.

Thanks again

Best wishes

Dave Ferguson Photography.

“With PhoTab, we can quickly and accurately identify and print each child’s photo at the sales desk, reducing the amount of time processing each sale, shortening the amount of time customers spend waiting in line and allowing us to process up to twice as many families in a normal day. Using PhoTab we have been able to more than double our daily sales.”

— Zdravko Galinec

Owner, The North Pole Photography Co. Ltd.